Since most of items from last listing now sold/traded, thought I'd clean things up and re-post the 80/4.

As the headline indicates, for sale is a primo example of the legendary 120/4 macro's baby sister (brother?), the 80mm F4 Macro. This copy is the rarer later N variant. Clean, clear and smooth in all respects. Lovely bokeh, very sharp, and as with all the M645 glass, great tonality.

Used by me on SLRs (Nikon, Canon) with adapter. If I didn't have so many lenses in that focal length, many of whom close focus (plus I do little macro work), I'd be keeping it.

C$195 shipped and PP'd by normal post in NA. offshore fine, just pay actual shipping difference vs. NA. Soem deals here, but references on FM under Conner999.

Items would consider in trade +/- $$:
1. Nikon SB-900 or 800 (w/5th battery barnacle)
2. Nikon 85/1.4 D or maybe G
3. Nikon SC-28
4. Nikon 60G
5. Nikon D2Xs (see related WTB ad)
6. Nikon 200/2 VR1 (that would be an amusing trade)
7. Softlight reflector (silver) for Acute RF
8. CV 90/3.5 APO in AiS

Emails please.