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Thread: SOLD: Wacom Cintiq 20"

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    SOLD: Wacom Cintiq 20"

    Hi guys, I know I've always said you'd have to rip my Cintiq from my cold dead hands... but I've decided to go from a desktop system to a portable system and right now I'm not sure I really want to deal with trying getting dual monitors working on that. Which means my Cintiq will have to go, if there is interest for it. Then back to a regular Intuos for now. If I ever add a desktop system back to my arsenal, I'll definitely get another one of these!

    Item is perfect. The pen is only a couple months old. (my dog ate the original one! )
    Original box included.

    If you do a lot of editing and you love what your Wacom adds to your post processing experience, you will definitely love the Cintiq. It takes that natural feel another step further.
    The 20" is the wide screen version of the 21". Originally both were available but i chose the widescreen which is better for apps like Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop, etc with lots of palettes. I guess Wacom thought the two models were too close and they stopped making the 20"! But the 20 also had better slightly better specs than the 21. This cost me over $2k and that's what the current 21 goes for. I'm asking $1250 for local pickup, but I will ship for the cost of shipping. Paypal only please.

    These Cintiq's almost NEVER come up for sale on the used market, especially the big ones. If you are serious about buying and in the Houston area, I'm offering free test drives in my home. If you don't like it, walk away. This is until I take it off my system which will be soon.

    Here's some pics of when i set it up.
    What's not shown, is that the display can go from flat to vertical just by pressing the buttons behind the display and lifting up or pushing down. And as you can see it spins 360 degrees in either direction. That's one of the biggest benefits. No more awkward editing!

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    Re: FS: Wacom Cintiq 20"


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