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Thread: FS: Olympus Digital ED 40-150mm M43, $215 obo

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    FS: Olympus Digital ED 40-150mm M43, $215 obo

    Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6, Micro Four Thirds

    I've had this for a couple of months. I've used it for a total of maybe one hour; it's sitting there, mint, in my new camera case. I have the original box, packaging, paperwork -- even the warranty card (I haven't registered it).

    I love this lens, it's sharp as a tack, easy to use, lightweight, but moving expenses dictate a sale.


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    Re: FS: Olympus Digital ED 40-150mm M43, $215 obo

    PS: I've tried to link photos, but to no avail. The photos are there at Photobucket, but the links don't seem to be working (they've worked elsewhere).

    Anybody have any tips or tricks on this?


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