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Thread: (CAN) Leica M8.2, 28 Elmarit ASPH

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    (CAN) Leica M8.2, 28 Elmarit ASPH

    Not shooting enough digital for my personal work, so sadly I'm selling the M8.2 and sticking to film, and heading back down the SLR route for paid work...again.

    Leica M8.2, black.

    Bought as a demo from Leica in May 2011. It came with a 9 month warranty, so there's still 6 months full coverage on this camera. It's minty. Only has a full blemishes on the bottom plate, which Leica had re-painted. Comes with an EXTRA genuine Leica battery, Thumbs-up grip and TWO 39mm UV/IR filters.


    Leica 28mm elmarit 2.8 ASPH.

    MINT. Bought in March 2011, so it's still under warranty. Not a mark on this lens. I'll throw in a B+W 39mm UV filter.


    Might be interested in a trade for a 35mm 'cron VI pre-asph, or a 35mm summarit.

    Please email me for a quick response at [email protected]

    Since the M8.2 is the only digital camera I have, if you want pics they're going to be Blackberry snaps. Sorry for that, but it's all I got.

    Also, I'm in Canada. Will include shipping to Canadians in the price... if they pay through an EMT to bi-pass paypal and those fees. USA, we can work something out.

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    Re: (CAN) Leica M8.2, 28 Elmarit ASPH

    pm sent

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