I have sold off my R lenses, but I still have the R9 and Motor Drive available if anyone wants it. It is in fantastic condition, and is one of the best 35mm SLR's ever made. I will include 3 focusing screens and whatever miscellaneous Leica R stuff I have left. This is one of the best 35mm film SLRs ever made, and of course it mounts some of the best lenses ever made for 35mm as well. If you shoot 35mm film, few cameras can compete with this. I am asking 950 USD plus paypal and shipping.

The motor drive is also in superb condition, and comes with a RRS arca-swiss style tripod quick-release. The battery still works well, but it needs a few charge cycles. The motor drive will do 5 frames per second, auto-rewind, auto-bracketing and has a secondary release. It can be mounted and dismounted mid-roll, so you can take it on and off as needed. It is very well designed. I am asking 350 USD for it.

If you buy them both, you can have the package for 1200 plus paypal and shipping.

I live in Iceland, which is where the camera is as well. I am a US citizen, and my paypal account is US based, so if you are in the states there should be no additional fees. For this sale, I would ask that the buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. FedEx shipping for this would be around 100 USD to the US, and it is the cheapest express carrier in Iceland, as well as the fastest and most reliable shipping method. I can also ship via the Icelandic postal service's airmail shipping, which is the most economical. It should take a week or two to arrive, and it has tracking. I would only charge my costs. The post office would probably be around 60-70 dollars with insurance. I am happy to ship anywhere, upon receiving payment.