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Thread: FS: Chamonix 45n-1 4x5 camera kit

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    FS: Chamonix 45n-1 4x5 camera kit

    Finally decided to sell my 4x5 kit. This kit was used in the field and personally you will be hard pressed to compile a better more capable and light gear combo. The kit includes
    Chamonix 45n-1 4x5 camera (Walnut) with regular bellows
    90mm schenider f/8 MC lens with UV filter
    Toyo loupe
    3 sets of double dark slide (bought new and light tight)
    new photoflex changing tent
    blackjacket hybrid darkcloth

    The only issues I can find is the front surface of the lens has some drying marks from being outdoors last month. It will clean off easily but I donít have any lens tissues handy to do it. These have no effect on images. Lens is aside from these cosmetics perfect. Speeds are accurate. Here are the pics

    I will split it up if there is sufficient interest but for now I would like to sell this as a combo. My price is $1100.

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    Re: FS: Chamonix 45n-1 4x5 camera kit

    Woul'd you by any change be travelling to Eu for holidays?
    I might be interested, however customs taxes make it impossible to import.
    Best of luck

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