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Thread: FS/T: CV 180/4 APO AiS

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    FS/T: CV 180/4 APO AiS

    My plan was to keep this lens until the "cows came home", but I just stumbled across a nice in-country (Canada) clean 200/2 VR1 and having just moved to Nikon, I need more AF glass in the 180-200+ FL for work that's coming up. Budgets suck, but I'm a shooter not a collector (a slipperly slope), so:

    FS is a MINT/MINT- Voigtlander 180mm F4 APO lens in Nikon mount. Clean, clear and smooth in all respects re: glass and barrel -- and in operation. Comes with factory screw-on metal front cap, rear cap and box. NOT included is the optional LH-75S hood. I've been using the Nikon HR-1 rubber hood with a 49-52mm step-up ring with no issues, but see below.

    Prices on the 180 and 125 APOs are steadily climbing. The CV 180, when it ever-so-rarely comes up for sale, commands roughly $1300 for a mint copy with hood. That said, while this unit IS mint, it is missing the hood.

    Given it makes little sense for me to order a hood ($69 from Cameraquest) and then turn around and sell/ship same, in all probability right back to the U.S., I'm knocking the price down to allow for the new buyer to acquire an OEM hood.

    Price is CDN$1200 net to me. Shipping by buyer's preferred method via CanadaPost world wide. Payment by Paypal (add 3%) or, if in Canada, EMT.

    If someone wants pics, it will be a couple of days as I'm up to my neck at moment in client meetings, have done deals across most forums, but I strongly suggest you check my feedback rating on FM's B&S board as Conner999 (100%) or on eBay as Kumara999 (100%).

    As any CV APO lens users can attest, you hate to see one of these awesome units go (I sold my Leica 180/2.8 APO in favor of a CV 180), but such is life.

    Items I would consider in trade +/- $
    Nikon SB-800 or 900
    Nikon SC-28/29
    Maybe 24-70 or 24G
    Nikon 50/1.8G
    Nikon 60G
    RRS B2-Pro Clamp
    RRS or Kirk foot for 200/2 VR1

    Emails please.
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