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Thread: FS Leica M6 0.72 1984 & Summicron 50mm V4 obo

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    Smile FS Leica M6 0.72 1984 & Summicron 50mm V4 obo

    Hi all!!!

    For all the PHOTOS of both items:

    I have a 1984 (Black) Leica m6 0.72 (CLA'd by previous owner) and Summicron 50mm Verison 4 with focus tab for sale. Or Best Offer.

    Price: leica m6 for $1150USD, Summicron 50mm for $ 1500USD
    (ok, I am not being mean, read the detail description, because I am doing everything I can to be a responsible seller. As per there are concerns that buyers are not getting honest sellers or over priced items)

    Leica m6 body only with cap and leica strap. But Summicron 50mm will come with box, both caps.

    Reason: Simple, I am too busy at work and I dont even have time to touch any of my whoever will buy this I certainly hope you will put this in good use.

    For all the PHOTOS of both items:

    Quick description and photos: I have made reasonable attempt to make sure photos are representing the leica m6 & summicron 50mm.

    Leica m6:This is basically one of the first batch m6 in 1984. Condition wise tiny nick on top of the viewfinder and another extremely tiny paint lost on lever. Bottom plate has really minimal scratches. Outlook is pretty awsome. A pretty boy basically (provided that this is a 1984 m6!!!)

    Technically, all shutters, meters, rewind knob, film counter, viewfinder and rangefinder are all working smoothly. (if i miss anything let me know)

    Summicron 50mm verison 4: of course another 1980s product. Smooth focus, just a really minor paint lost near the red dot. All apeture is smooth and working, no fungus, no mold, clean and clear. This should be an excellent example for the verison.
    It is a subjective note that this is the BEST out of all summicron 50mm.

    For all the PHOTOS of both items:

    Postage & payment: I believe to protect interest of both parties. I will go for shipping that requires sign for and confirmation. I am sure you dont want to lose your valuable purchase. I accept PAYPAL.

    Battery Compartment is purely paint lost, not crack or damaged. Otherwise Meter wont work..
    LEICA M6 is CLA by previous owner! This item does not require CLA.
    Item is located at Sydney, Australia

    Handling time is 48 hours after payment confirmed. I attempt to package the item as much as possible.

    I am confident my description should knock down most FAQ for the two item on sale. PM me if interested many thanks guys !
    Last edited by vcntlam; 14th August 2011 at 00:47. Reason: Need extra details on items on Sale.

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    Re: FS Leica M6 0.72 1984 & Summicron 50mm V4 obo

    Since no one reply to the post or interested. I am posting this on ebay due to lack of interest. This is according the to thread rules posted by moderator.

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    Re: FS Leica M6 0.72 1984 & Summicron 50mm V4 obo

    Thread Closed!!
    Sorry i duno how to edit this
    Sold in third party site

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