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Thread: FS 5D 21mm distagon much more

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    FS 5D 21mm distagon much more

    Big Sale.

    I'm moving strictly to the Sigma DP1 and its successors at least for the time being. As a consequence I have a number of items for sale.

    Pictures of all items can be found at:

    Sigma DP1. I have two of these and am keeping one. While a little slow to write and to focus it is an admirable camera for IQ. The one I am selling has been used very little and is like new. Comes with a blank warranty card and everything that came with the camera in the original box. There has been a lot of bad press on this camera but much of it is based on comparisons to p&s cameras and on jpeg output. To really appreciate the camera you have to be willing to take your time and use raw output. It really can keep up with a 5D up to ISO400 including enlarging despite its 4.7 MP footprint. The lens is as good as any 28mm you'll find anywhere I think. I'm keeping my other one as my main camera pending an interchangeable lens version hopefully. Otherwise I may just carry the dp1 and whatever else comes out with a longer or wider lens. $650

    CY Zeiss 21mm f2.8 Distagon. I've had this lens since December of last year. I have been using it with the 5D that is also for sale. It comes with a Canon adapter from kindai. It spent most of the time in its bag but while it was on the camera it did get a couple of little scuffs on the barrel. The glass is great. $2800

    Canon Hotrod 5D. The Hotrod is a 5D with the horizontal AA filter removed. There is a difference between this and a normal 5D. It is positive but subtle; not as obvious as with a Kodak SLR, Leica or Sigma but there is a little more sparkle. Unfortunately this camera, though used very little, did take a spill and has some damage on the corner where the battery compartment is. The slide latch for the battery compartment is broken but a key works fine for releasing the latch. Includes manual, 2 batteries and charger.
    $800 without RRS bracket, $875 with. Right to return for 2 months for failure only +$150

    Canon 580EX Nothing but the flash, no bag, no box, no warranty card. Works fine. $285

    Better Beamer FX3 unused $35

    Arca Swiss B1 head with Arca QR $300

    Tamron 300mm f2.8 SP LD IF with 1.4x and 2x TCs, hood, and adapters for pentax and contax. Includes an OEC112mm uv filter. $850

    Tamron/Tokina/Kenko 2x TC marked C-AF 2x Teleplus MC7. This is the older version of the better 7 element TCs. I'm not sure which of the brands it is. $50

    CY Zeiss 35-70 f3.4 lens. This lens was on the camera when it was dropped. There is no damage to the glass but it is slightly loose at the back end and will no longer focus to infinity. $100

    3 Aftermarket Canon 5D remote shutter cords. $10 ea (10 for the first and 7 for subsequent if more than 1 is purchased)

    Canon leather wrist strap unused but no packaging $20

    Canon ee s focus screen $25

    3 CTA 5D batteries. $30

    Canon 500D 77mm like new in box with instructions $115

    JOBU flashshoe bubble level $20

    Nice little filter bag for up to 82mm filters $20

    Ergopod combination chestpod, window support and tripod. In original box. In excellent condition. $75

    Canon m42 adapter $10

    2 HappypageHK CY EOS adapters with focus confirm and fixed fstop reporting $60 each

    Canon leather handstrap unused but not in package $25

    MRock Sling Bag Model 527 Olympia in green and black unused $30

    Bogen 501 P Long plate as found here:

    Olympus Angle Finder in leather case very good condition $75

    Straight magnifier fits canon a little loosely $35

    Rollei pano rotator with leveling bubble. I've place a thin plastic washer between the rotating plate and the body to take any slop out of it so it works fine with a heavier camera and can be easily removed. The screw for the tripod mount is reversible 1/4x3/8. $100

    I also have a number of QR plates and clamps for the arca system.

    12" rail with 4" slots at each end beginning 1" inboard from the end $40

    8" rail with 3" slots at each end beginning 1.5 cm inboard from the end. $30

    Kirk Long Rail Plate, an older version without the level bubble but the functionality is the same $100

    Wimberly 2"+ clamp 3/8" hole $60

    Generic 2"+ clamp 3/8" hole$50

    Generic 2"+ clamp 1/4" hole$50

    ARCA PLATE 1: Arca 2"+ arca plate with one raised edge on long side and 3/4" offcenter (lengthwise) slot perpendicular to long edge $10

    ARCA PLATE 2: 4cm square arca plate with 1 raised edge and 1" slot perpendicular to the raised edge $10

    ARCA PLATE 3: 3.5cm square arca plate with 1 raised edge and centered hole $10

    ARCA PLATE 4: 2" arca plate with raised edge on narrow end and 1.5" slot perpendicular to the raised edge $10

    RRS mpr-73 RRS plate. Works fine but a little silvering and scratches $35

    Kirk Enterprises PZ70 plate for D100 without MB100 $25

    ATA 105 T Dynatran tripod. Shows wear but works fine. Comes with case in original box. $195

    Gitzo 2180 Video Head. This is a very nice two way head with an adjustable tension for vertical. both vertical and horizontal controls are at one end. The knob on the back is where the tension is set. I used this as my main head for several months. It is in very good condition and comes in the original box with the gitzo paperwork and an unused handle. $175

    Leica vintage tabletop tripod with small ballhead $45


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    Re: FS 5D 21mm distagon much more

    Will the MRock Sling bag hold a D300 with Battery Grip? If so, then I will take it.
    Carlos Echenique | Carlos Echenique Photography |Olympus OM-D E-M1 MK II | Olympus Pen-F - M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8, M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8, M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8, Rokinon 12mm f/2 NCS, M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8, M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO, M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO

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    Re: FS 5D 21mm distagon much more

    Hi Carlos. I think it will but I don't have a 300D to check it with. What is the height of the camera in the from the base to the mirror housing?

    Right now you are second in line.

    Please respond to me at [email protected]



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