This is THE solution for getting a RAID system with drives inside your MacPro while using the internal drive bays without having to pay through your nose for the Apple RAID card. The other great thing about this card is that it is faster than the Apple card which is llmited to 500MB/s max.

The backplane comes from MaxUpgrades (

You can put 4 S-ATA drives in your MacPro2009 or MacPro2010 and hook them up at the RAID card. With the WD Black Caviar drives I got around (sometimes above) 500MB/s. With the 6Gb/s versions of this drive you will most likely break the 500Mb/s barrier in RAID0.

Installation is really straightforward and easy. With 4regular drives in Raid5 you have redundancy combind with more speed than the fastest SSD. Or you could go for RAID0 to get the highest write/read speed.

This is the RAID card plus the backplane with cables for 4 drives. 300euros. This is one of the best upgrades you can do for your MacPro.