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Thread: FS: "spring" cleaning

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    FS: "spring" cleaning

    Time to sell some of the many items I have but do not use. Will post pictures as I work them up over the next few days. All prices include CONUS shipping but not fees. I will knock off a bit the price when purchasing multiple items to account for the reduced shipping cost, will work out details on a case-by-case basis.

    1) Gitzo 1227 Mk2 tripod - $275. With box, Gitzo wrench, etc, everything that was in the box when new. The tripod has been used for landscape work so cosmetically it has a few surface scratches, but absolutely nothing that affects functionality. Sure, the twist locks are not as nice or as smooth as the new AR legs, but you will have to pay 2x for that privilege. And no matter what Feisol fans say, this tripod is notably more stable and only marginally heavier than the Feisol tournament class tripods. Yes, I have owned them both, chose to keep the Gitzo over the CT-3442.

    2) Markins TB-20 base for Gitzo tripod - $70. I will not sell this until the tripod sells. The price is $60 if purchased with the tripod. Note that this base does NOT work with the latest 6x tripods, for whatever reason Gitzo decided to make the threads slightly smaller.

    3) RRS MPR-CL II nodal slide with integrated bubble level - $110. May have a few minor marks here and there from sitting in my bag. Functions perfectly.

    4) Tamron 17-50/2.8 non-BIM for NIKON - $325. Please read carefully, this is the original non-BIM (screwdrive) version of the lens, I cannot find a link to the actual model I have for sale. Two things of note with this lens: a *small* spec of dust on one of the internal elements, and a filament/thread of some sort on the bellows that moves with the internal element, outside the optical path. Both are purely cosmetic and if you find them affecting the image with a week of receipt I will take the lens back. Sale includes box, caps, paperwork, original receipt.

    5) 77mm B+W 3-stop (0.9) ND filter - $75. With original box, no cosmetic or optical issues.

    6) B+W UV10 67mm clear filter - $25. No cardboard box, only plastic internal hard sleeve. No optical or cosmetic issues. I don't think that this is the MRC version, though it is stamped with a model 010, and B&H returns only the MRC version for this model number.

    7) Hoya 67mm PRO1 digital protector - $32. With box, no cosmetic or optical issues. Could not find a link to this on the B&H site.
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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    Image of the Tamron 17-50/2.8 that show the cosmetic defects in great detail, you actually have to look a bit carefully to find them (the white spec and the filament along the bottom of the front optical element)

    An image that illustrates how the lens focuses on my D90. This is AF wide open, no manual tweaks

    For the fans of brick walls, a few links to examine at your leisure, JPEGs straight out of camera without processing:

    17mm f/2.8

    17mm f/8

    50mm f/2.8

    50mm f/8

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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    Images of the Gitzo and TB-20. Note that those are priced separately:


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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    Yowza, two days and already on p.3....


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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    RRS clamp is sold

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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    I am lowering some prices:

    1) Gitzo $265
    2) TB-20 $60
    3) Tripod + base $310
    4) Tarmon 17-50 for Nikon - STILL $325 (no change)
    6) B+W 67mm 3-stop ND - $80
    7) B+W 67mm UV (non MRC) - $22
    8) Hoya 67mm UV - $27

    In addition, the legs + base have now been listed on eBay due to lack of interest here. I will gladly stop the auction if someone here wants them, but it has to be done prior to next Sunday.

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    Re: FS: "spring" cleaning

    Tripod and Markins TB-20 sold locally. Only filters remain.

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