I purchased several Jinbei Freelander portable flash outfits for a project that never materialized and now need to find new homes for them. The Freelander is compact, powerful, professional, and portable. Each set includes one FL500 power pack. Powered by no-memory NiMH batteries, the pack provides 400Ws of power to a flash head, controllable over a range of 4 stops. The fitted, hard shell case contains the power pack, two NiMH battery cartridges, a flash head, battery charger, and shoulder strap. The standard flash head can be hand held or mounted on a light stand by removing the grip. Since the standard head cannot accept front-mounted accessories, this custom kit includes a second flash head which features a Bowens accessory mount. A small Bowens mount reflector (seen in one of the photos) is included. This equipment is brand new in the box.

Please note that the ringflash head seen in one of the photos is available from Jinbei but is not included in this sale.

I really need to move these flash units out so I am offering each Jinbei Freelander FL500 battery-powered flash kit with TWO battery packs and TWO flash heads for only $375 plus shipping (CONUS only please).

Dave F.