Up for sale again: new pricing 6250,00 euro, ONLY pick up. All Lampheads can easely be converted to any other brand and come with Flash tube included. Softbox of 2/2 meter is made out of 4 100/100cm boxes, as shown in pictures. This results in a very flat but very uniform lit softbox that also can light one side ( or all 4 boxes) differently. No other brand ever made such great boxes. They fit in a frame together and a special mounting rack is included.
All lamps do weork just fine, are in great shape and ALL look alike the ones on the picture.
So you get 4 Europe lamp heads with Flashtube and modeling light, the zoomspot with its special flashbulb and lamphead, the 200/200cm softbox and Two 3200E powerpacks.
At a second hand market price of over 1000,00 euro per lamphead you actually get the perfect working powerpacks, the great softbox and zoomspot for free.
More info: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/fo...?topic=56037.0