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Thread: Maybe a trade?

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    Maybe a trade?

    I bought a P40+ and new DF body (with a V-Grip) in April, along with three lenses, 110-205mm, 120mm, and the 150mm. I am considering going to a Nikon D3x and would be willing to consider a trade of some sort if anybody was interested. The back has less than 4,000 actuations (3,695) as I look right now.

    I would also consider selling the entire kit as a package if somebody made me the right offer. I like the camera, but frankly I am a Nikon shooter, and would prefer to go back to what I know. Capture Integration valued this at $17,000-19,000. I would consider $16,000 in cash.

    That said, this Forum, Capture Integration, and the Capture One software have certainly elevated my game and made for an interesting year. I am very impressed by what I have read here, and the quality of the work is a constant source of wonder for me.
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