After much thought, Ive come to the conclusion that I dont need a fast DSLR kit and would rather be able to carry something around daily yet have the best quality images I could possibly have. After shooting a wedding for some family, I think doing "work" as a photographer isnt my thing.

What I have for trade (not for sale currently):

Canon 5D mk1
- well used, just came back from service from Canon august 2011

Canon 5D mk2
- Bought brand new from mid-august 2011 for the wedding I was shooting when my 5Dc went in for service

Canon 17-35L f2.8
Canon 35L f1.4
Canon 135L f2.0
Canon 35 f2.0
Sigma 24-70 f2.8 macro

580 EX mk1

Im essentially looking to trade for a used M9 or a M8 kit with fast 35mm equiv. focal length glass. An M9 is my main goal, but I will entertain M8 offers. Cosmetically it doesnt matter to me, as long as functionally the M9 is sound. I will not trade EVERYTHING by default, but will consider a "fair" offer.

Obviously my post is missing pictures. I will provide pictures, date codes, etc for those that are serious about trading. I have a good amount of feedback here, fred miranda, and ebay. I will not send first unless you are a very well established member of this forum. Of course, trading in person is ideal. I live in Seattle, WA and am willing to drive a reasonable amount to do a trade (from Vancouver Canada to Portland, OR if I must).