Selling a Leica M6 Titanium in absolute mint condition. I picked this up from one of the many premium, only-mint-or-nothing camera shops in Tokyo on Saturday, Nov 5th. After using it for only three days, came to realize that this may be too rich for me haha.

This particular model is clean, free of scratches, dirt or any such impurities, and it is as if the previous owner never even used it.

The shutter speeds are perfect, the metering works a dream (fresh batteries included), the clean viewfinder is like looking at the world in a new light, and the wind lever is smooth as butter.

Also for sale is a Hexar RF set. Comes with body, the highly-sought after Hexanon-M 50mm F2 lens (with filter in-built hood), fully working flash (with batteries), display box, papers. Also included is a Zhou half-case with white stitching.

Cosmetically it is a 7/10 with paint loss round the edges of the body and minor scratches; but I just had it CLA-ed before my trip to Tokyo 2 weeks ago to make sure it was good to roll during the trip. So mechanically it is perfect, the viewfinder is clear and shutter speeds all work great. It is a handsome camera even in its present condition.

The Hexanon-M 50mm F2 lens is in absolute mint condition. The lens in fact was purchased in Tokyo just 2 days ago, separate from my acquiring the Hexar RF body. No fungus, no scratches, no nothing. Optically perfect. The aperture clicks are music to the ears, and focus ring is smooth as butter. The UV filter comes included and has kept the lens well-protected, and for those that don't know, this lens has an in-built hood. Nice.

Price breakdown:

1. Leica M6 Titanium - $1830
2. Hexar RF set (Hexar RF Hexanon-M 50mm F2) - $1200
3. Hexar RF body only - $570
4. Hexanon-M 50mm F2 - $690

Message me if you're interested in anything. Preferably via email *junshenc(at)gmail(dot)com

I can ship worldwide, and payment would definitely be via Paypal. Thanks (: