1. Selling a mint condition Leica M6 .72x. You cannot really find any signs of usage (see pictures). There are some very tiny paint bubbles(typical Leica issue) on the back which you can hardly see in the pictures. The camera was used for less than 10 rolls in its life. It comes with the original body cap. I probably still have all the original manual, warranty card somewhere in my storage. I will include them if I find them but no guaranty.

I ran one roll through it last month and everything was ok. The meter is accurate compared with my Canon 5D2, the speeds sound to be accurate but not machine tested.

I will throw in 10 rolls of expired Fuji PRO 400H as a bonus.

$1300 shipped in USA/Canada. I will accept paypal gift option only.

2. Leica Elmar-M 50/2.8 Collapsible, mint condition with original front and rear caps. $390 shipped in USA/Canada, Paypal gift option only.

References available upon request.