I've got a D200 for sale, I picked it up used two winters ago from a man in Toronto. He had the LCD screen replaced because of some dead pixels, I have the reciept for the repair. I've had no problems with the new screen at all! It's a very capable camera, I've used it on many jobs, ranging from outdoor photo shoots to low light concerts. The only big gripe I have with the body is that the grips were starting to stretch and peel. I fixed it up with a little bit of super glue, though. I've attached photos of the fix!

I'm selling it with 2 CF cards, a 2gb Lexar that came with the camera, and a 8GB sandisk extreme which I bought myself. The Sandisk is a great card, really fast.

I'm also including two batteries, the one that came with the camera was dying so I replaced it with two OEM Nikon batteries a year ago. They hold a charge perfectly fine now!

Of course, it also comes with a box, manual, cables, chargers, and strap!

I'm asking for $400CAD + shipping for this kit, which I think is a reasonable price since I bought the camera for $500 and spent about $250 on the batteries and the Sandisk CF card.

I'm located in Cambridge, Ontario (for school), but I usually go back to Toronto every other weekend or so. I'm willing to meet up if anyone wants to. Architecture school pretty much sucks up all my time, so the best way to reach me would be through email. Contact me at [email protected], or shoot me a PM!

Here are a few photos. If you want more, feel free to ask. If you want photos taken with the camera, I can provide!

Photos of Grips