selling my used Canon 70-200 2.8L non is and 7d.

the good - the 70-200 2.8L is in good condition. the glass has always had a filter on it from day one. It comes with the hood, lens, filter, canon case, and canon genuine tripod ring.

the bad - the lens shows a little wear on the side of the lens. i have pictures below so you can see the actual wear if you have concerns.

the ugly - the hood is pretty scuffed. i blame most of it from just being in the bag and dropping the hood itself. the hood threading still is perfect though and fits snuggly on the lens.

i'm selling because i picked up the 70-200 2.8 is m2 and don't need this lens anymore.

I'm asking 1000 paypal and shipping included or best offer. will also do local sale in seattle wa.

the 7d.

the good - the camera is in overall good condition. it's always been a backup to my 5dm2 so i never put a lot of click on the camera. it comes with the body, the cap, the original camera strap, a 1/2 inch domke strap that is on the camera now, the eye piece, the manual and software, the box, original battery charger and two genuine canon lp-e6 batteries.

the bad - there are about 8,000 clicks on the body. there is a little bit of ware on the bottom of the camera just from being in my bag wherever i go.

the ugly - just like the bad, it has a little scuffing on the bottom from rubbing against the bottom of the bag.

I'm selling because i just picked up a 1dm3 and don't need two backups.

I'm looking for 1150 paypal and shipping included or best offer.