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Thread: WTB:: Leica m6 .58, cv 15mm f/4.5

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    WTB:: Leica m6 .58, cv 15mm f/4.5

    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking for an m6 ttl with a .58 viewfinder. Color is not important, I've just been shooting wide far more often and want to give the .58 a spin. I'm also looking for a cv 15mm f/4.5, preferably the second version that takes filters, although I would consider the first version as well. Let me know what you have, Thanks!

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    Re: WTB:: Leica m6 .58, cv 15mm f/4.5

    I have a first version cv15 that I put up in the fs a long time ago that didn't sell. Includes filter and milich adapter and viewfinder- I have the 15 and the 21 if you are shooting M8.
    PM me with an offer if you are interested.

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