For Sale

Complete Rollei 6008 kit.

6008E body, this is the same as the 6008i body but supplied originally without the grip, this body has the grip included so is essentially a 6008i and as such will take a digital back. Comes with the WLF. The body is incredibly clean, there is no dust, no scratches, no marks of any sort, the body is as it would have been new with no signs of use at all. 120 film back in the same condition, looks unused.

Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 HFT PQS.
The faster 1/1000 lens, essentially the lens is new, no marks, dust or signs of use at all.

Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f/4 HFT PQS.
Again, the faster 1/1000 lens. This lens shows tiny signs of wear on the front bayonet filter mount where a filter was fitted, has had minimal use, the body of the lens has no marks whatsoever, glass is completely clear, perfect condition.

17mm extension tube.
Absolutely as new, no wear, doesnít look as though itís ever been fitted.

Metz 45 CL-4.
Flash plus mounting bracket and battery pack, full working order, shows slight signs of use.

SCA 356.
Flash connection plus cable, new, brought 2 weeks ago from Robert White.

RC 120.
Electronic remote release, shows no signs of having ever been used.

10v Nicad Battery x2 plus mains charger.
Both batteries hold charge perfectly, spare fuses intact.

X2 new neck straps, one on the camera, one spare.

Full set of manuals for the camera, users manual plus the Rollei 6000 series user manual book by Ian Parker.

Full kit comes in a Lowe Alpine Stealth Reporter D650 AW bag, 3 weeks old, has not been out of the studio yet.

I brought this kit complete, the old guy who put it all together fell ill after buying it all and sadly passed away shortly after, I have put 4 rolls of film through it, the son of the guy who put it together said his father had been a total enthusiast and had not had chance to use it, the 80mm had never been out of itís box. When I say that itís clean, I mean it is literally spotless.

The lenses are currently available at Robert Whiteís, the 80mm is £1283 +vat the 150mm is £1974 +vat and the 17mm extension tube is £363 +vat. Thatís £4253 in lenses alone. I would like to sell the complete kit for £3000 including everything listed above.

I would prefer to sell the kit complete.

Lots of pictures available for anyone interested, based in the Uk but willing to ship at cost once funds have cleared.

Thanks for reading!