I have the following gear that I'm hoping to trade for an M8.

M6 Wetzlar - 8.5/10 cosmetics, 10/10 function
5Dc - boxed, cleaned at Canon just a little while ago, ~20K
50mm 1.8 Mark 1 (metal mount) - clean, no fungus, no scratches
70-200 F4 L - Clean, no fungus, no scratches, with hood, box, and pouch
430EXII - 10/10, with box

Can be traded in any combination you wish, with cash on either end to balance the deal.

Also, if you have something that's equivalent to the 50mm 1.8 Mark 1 (as in sharp, relatively cheap) I'd be interested in that too!

I have lots of feedback on POTN (sold 35 summilux, 17-40, bought 17-55), eBay (sold MBP, and FM Miranda (smaller stuff like CF cards) with 100% feedback on all.