For sale is the following set all-Voightlander, classis Nikon / Contax RF mount

SC-NEX adapter; 21/4 Skopar; 50/2.5 Skopar; 50/1.5 Nokton Asph; 85/3.5 APO-Lanthar.
All 5 items bought new @ Cameraquest within last 10 to 15 months. Had BW filters on all lenses from day 1, not included unless you want to pay for them. Adapter is shimmed for infinity focus, aluminum foil is easily removed if desired.
All items are like new with original boxes and papers, though 85 has a dent on the hood – seen in the picture. Click on the pics below for enlargement. 85 and 50/2.5 were only used for a few test shots. 21 mm VF that came with lens is gone, not included.

You can buy this set new for $1495 @
I am asking $1150 plus PP fees and shipping.

I don’t sell much, but you can check my profile on ebay (mgr777) and (mike_hk2ksk)