Have for sale a complete 2-speedlight (Canon or Nikon) Radio Popper PX set. Included are:

A) Two(2) PX Receivers
B) One(1) PX Transmitter.

Work like a charm. Battery doors very good, but I use a small strip of gaffer tape to prevent accidental loss (a common PX preventative measure) -- just in case. All three units have (removable by buyer, or me on request, obviously) industrial strength velcro for use when mounting on Nikon, Speedlights (much preferred to stands).

That said, the receivers come with two Canon mounts if you're a Canon shooter. May have some boxes, but don't hold me to it.

Awesome units for wireless Manual/TTL, but I can count number of times I used my speedlights (vs studio strobes) this year on one hand, so might as well put them into the hands of someone who could make better use of them. Would be gold for a wedding/event or run-gun shooter.

Price for set is US$475 all-in PP'd and w/insured shipping (vs. US$750 new++) in NA by Canada Post Normal post. If needed faster, buyer pays difference in rates. Payment by PP or, if in Canada, EMT (save 3%).

Email please.

Items for possible parts trade:
A) PW II Transceiver or older PW 'Blue' Receiver or Recv/Trx pair.