This may very well be the cleanest ETRS you will find. I am the original owner and probably used this camera twice. It has been stored in it's own metal case in the back of a dry closet for quite some time but it's time it found a new home. I hate to see it go but I just don't use it anymore. Camera and gear is located in Monmouth County New Jersey.

Bronica ETRS with very little use
Prism finder
50 mm 2.8
75 mm 2.8
150 mm 3.5
Profectomat matte box with mattes
2 dark slides
2 120 backs (one is a spare)
62mm diffusing filter
62mm circular polarizer
62mm X4 magnifying filter
2 cable releases
Rubber lens hood

Asking $650 Full offer gets metal case too!
Thanks for looking, Stan
[email protected]