This is a spare I picked up along with some other Wista parts, which I no longer need.
The back will fit all 4x5 Wista metal field cameras, like the RF, VX and SP, as well as the older Wistas, like the D.
The back is in great shape and very clean.

Wista makes the best ground glass, in my opinion, hands down.
Bright, with a very snappy focus.

This is the ground glass/fresnel combination.
I tried putting this on my Linhof, but, it didn't fit properly, alas.
This ground glass is in excellent condition, and, new at B&H, sells for $290.

The plain glass overlay is broken, as you can see in the photo, but it's only a $50 replacement, less if you go with a third-party maker.
It does stay in place, however, so there's no urgency in replacing it.

Asking $200 plus shipping, Paypal fees included.
Original box is also included.

I will also include a Rittreck folding hood at no charge; it will fit the Wista back, but it needs a lot of work to make it usable again.
Nonetheless, yours for free, should you desire.