I am the original owner of this Wista 4x5. The equipment has seen limited use and is in mint condition. The Camera includes the original Zone VI carrying case, Polaroid Film Backs, Kodak EasyLoad Film Back, changing bag, Wista Cable Release, Beautiful original Green Velvet Focusing Cloth, Wista Focusing Loupe, extra ground glass and clear glass and 3 Linhof Lens Boards. This is the 45DX model with Rear Shift.

I am asking $1,700.00 for everything:

1) Wista Field 45 DX Ebony Wood View Camera, with Film Backs and Carry Case and other accessories: asking $1,100.00

2) Rodenstock APO Sironar N f 5.6 210 mm Lens with Linhof Lens Board and Copal Shutter: asking $425.00

3) Ries Deluxe Model "J-100" Trilock Tripod and Model "J-200" Photoplane Tilthead: asking $475.00

Ebay feedback is "bluelunasea" 100% positive. Not sure why GetDPI lists me as a "new member", I've been here a long time

Thank you,