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Thread: FS: Sony SAL 28mm f/2.8

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    Shelby Lewis

    FS: Sony SAL 28mm f/2.8

    Used for one season a few years back. I forgot that I even had it until cleaning my office out this morning. Other than a cosmetic fault near the front element (NOT on the front element) and some exterior dust, it is in excellent condition. I'll clean it up before sending out but want to get it out of here!

    Anything that looks like a scratch is dust.

    GetDPI Special pricing... $75 + $5 shipping in ConUS.

    Notice the peeling ring (it's very light plastic and has no structural/functional purpose on the lens...) and does not affect lens performance.

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    Re: FS: Sony SAL 28mm f/2.8

    I'll take it!

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    Shelby Lewis

    Re: FS: Sony SAL 28mm f/2.8


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