Price: $10.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 8+ Shows moderate wear or finish marks

Disclaimer: I'm quite aware of the actual ebay value of everything in the album, so please don't make ridiculous offers!


I'm interested in FAST PRIMES to use on my NEX 5N. Not looking for film bodies or other ephemera.

So, this is all the stuff I currently have. Was going to ship it off to ebay, but I figure I'd give you crazy kids first shot.

Additional noted:

1) My Pentax stuff isn't pictured, but I have a lovely EX+ 105mm f/2.8 and a VG 50mm f/1.4, both M42 Takumars. Also have a Spotmatic SP body with leather half case.

2) The Leica IIIb is (obviously) in rough shape. It dates to 1939. The Summar f/2 dates to 1934. The lens is stiff and needs a cleaning. The IIIb appears to be fully functional. The shutter is accurate at the slowest speeds, it fires, ect.

3) The Olympus Pen FT appears to be perfect. I don't have a battery to test, but no corrosion in the battery department. There is some smutz (is that a word?) on the inside of the viewfinder, but it's peripheral and could probably be easily cleaned by anybody who knows about this stuff. The 38mm is quite nice, but does have oil on the blades. Aperture is snappy, and it's prolly been there for a few decades.

4) The picture of the girl is taken with the 38mm 1.8 wide-open on my GF1. She is not for sale/trade.

5) ... ?

Feel free to ask me anything.

PS This is MOSTLY for trades, but if you REALLY want something, make an offer. Can't hurt.