Am looking for a relatively affordable camera with decent IQ that is easy to hand hold, does well in low light not just in product brochures and does not have too many bugs that wipes out most of the cameras I can find in this range apart from the Panasonic LC1 that may be too old and the M8/M9 siblings that are too expensive.

So please send me PM if you have a Panasonic GH2 body or kit for sale anywhere in Europe or plan to visit this side of the water anytime before mid-March.

Also interested to hear from you if you have Panny f1.7/20mm, f2.5/14mm or DMW-MA3R Leica-R/M43 adapter for sale.

Other suggestions also welcome but forget about X100, X1, GXR.... in fact anything that has an X in the name :-)