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Thread: FS: Leica M3 SS, DR 50mm Summicron

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    FS: Leica M3 SS, DR 50mm Summicron

    I bought this camera a few weeks ago to treat myself after selling my large format arca-swiss gear. I've since decided it's a bit too luxurious as a backup/leisure camera and have treated myself to a 85L 1.2 instead so it must go:

    Leica M3 SS (serial #1,000,059): $1100
    Leica DR Summicron 50mm (serial #2,524,957) with eyes/leather case: $1450 (sat on a shelf in sweden since the 70s, amazing shape)

    More info on the gear:

    Leica M3 single stroke: bought from Youxin Ye (popular Leica repairman recommended on with a fresh CLA/overhaul. Very pretty camera.

    Leica 50mm DR Summicron w/eyes+leather case: bought from Sweden, interesting story on this lens. Apparently it was a backup for a newspaper and sat unused. Also it was made after it was officially discontinued, the official serial #'s end in the 1 million range but this is 2million+: Original description when I bought it:
    Extremely rare DR summicron from 1972 in almost new condition.
    DR/Rigid Summicrons were produced up to -1968 officially, up to serial 2.300.000, this copy is 2.500.000.
    This is one of the last few thousand DR Summicrons EVER produced and is very very hard to find, let alone to buy, often time hoarded by collectors.
    Was as back-up macro lens in Sweden for a newspaper company but was never used. It sat unused, and thus has never been used in it's life.
    Flawless lens surfaces of course, NO haze, NO fungus, NO separation.
    Check the pictures, they speak for themselves.
    Focusing unit has had a CLA by DAG in the US, aperture clicks back and forth "like butter"

    Buy both and I'll throw in 4 rolls of velvia and the new Artist and Artisan Kobe strap pictured.

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    Re: FS: Leica M3 SS, DR 50mm Summicron

    is the dr summicron still available?


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