Black body, 43mm, 80mm and 150mm. 43mm includes the dedicated finder. Lenses are mint. There is a little paint wear on the film advance on the body (happens after a couple of rolls!). I sent the body in for rangfinder calibration within the past 12 months and it is perfect. While it was there, they (Mamiya America) brought everything back to "new" specs. This outfit is a US model so if you ever need it, service is available through Mamiya America (they will NOT touch grey market Mamiya 7 stuff). This is a gorgeous set with probably the finest optics ever made for medium format. $3000. I also have a Cabin 6x7 projector, many Gepe AN glass slide mounts and a mounting press for an extra $750. Buyer of the outfit have first chance on the projector (i.e. it's not for sale separately until the camera sells). Email me for photos.