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Thread: FS (EU) Converted Polaroid 4x5, as new!

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    FS (EU) Converted Polaroid 4x5, as new!

    A beautifully converted Polaroid camera, converted by Patrick Putze, US.
    About one year old (conversion). As new!
    Takes standard Graflock backs. It comes with a Rodenstock-Yasarex 1:4.7 127 mm in a Prontor shutter for Polaroid pathfinder land Camera 110A, lens and shutter is as new.

    The brilliant work by Patrick include a use of a Nikon lens adapter system.
    The lens is mounted on a special adapter plate that fits the holder on the camera.
    Totally 5 adapter plates are included with the camera (the Rodenstock is mounted on one of them).
    I have used them with 90 mm, 150 mm and a pinhole adapter on the camera.

    Included is also a double sided Fidelty Deluxe film holder (plastic) for 4x5 in good shape .
    You just ad film and...

    Really don't want to sell, but I am not so much into hand held 4x5 as I first thought.
    And I DO ned more movements for my kind of work.
    Price is 625 € and shipping cost is 25€.
    Payment via PayPal, fee included!
    The camera is located in Sweden and I ship (almost) everywhere.

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