I have Panasonic GF-1 white with a G 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH and a G 20mm f1.7 ASPH. All in mint condition, and not functional issue at all.
I am the first owner of all of them, and everything was extremely well cared for:

1) GF-1 & G 20/1.7: I have purchased these as a kit. They comes with box, both caps, paperwork, and everything included in the original box.
2) G 14-45: I have purchased this from a retailer who opened a kit and sold them separately. So, I do not have a box, but it comes with caps and a Kenko MCUV filter.

I would like trade these (plus some cash) with an excellent or more condition X100. Please PM me if you are interested. I will add photos by tomorrow night.