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Thread: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

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    FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    With mixed feelings, I've decided to sell the Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar. As great as this lens is, I don't see myself using it much once I have the new Nikon 50/1.4G.

    I am the second owner of this lens, but it comes with everything as new, all in perfect condition. I'd like to get $850, which includes PayPal and insured Priority Mail shipping in the US. I've got lots of good feedback as "asabet" on Ebay and over at FM.


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    Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    Somebody buy this so I can get my D-LUX 4 .

    Would like to get $800 + $24 PayPal + $15 shipping, so $839...........

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    Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    I'm having second thoughts and am going to withdraw this one from sale.

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    Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    Can't blame you it is a really nice lens.
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    Red face Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    As much as I'll probably end up regretting this, I am re-listing this lens for sale to offset some recent purchases. Asking price is the same as before ($800 + $24 PayPal + $15 shipping = $839 total).

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    Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    If anyone wants to buy this in a way that takes advantage of the Microsoft cashback program on Ebay, I'll be happy to put it on Ebay for a "Buy It Now" price of $860 + $15 shipping. That way my Ebay fees would be covered, and you'd get the lens for $675 after $200 cashback.

    As a reminder, here's how the Microsoft/Ebay cashback things works: 1) Go to Microsoft's site and search for something, for example "Zeiss". 2) You will see a sponsored link at the top for Ebay that refers to 30% off with PayPal - click that link. 3) On Ebay, find an item you want listed for "Buy It Now" and click on "Buy It Now". 4) On the screen that asks you to click "Commit to Buy", you should see confirmation that the item is eligible for 30% ($200 maximum) cashback. If you see that, go ahead and commit. Otherwise, the item is not eligible. 5) Pay for the item using PayPal (you need a PayPal account). 6) Within an hour after making payment, you will get a message through Ebay telling you that your item comes with cashback and giving you intstructions to create an account with Microsoft. Within two days after creating the Microsoft account, you'll see the cashback amount pending in your Microsoft cashback account. After 60 days, Microsoft will issue you cashback via your preferred means - either check, PayPal, or bank deposit.
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    Re: FS: Zeiss ZF 2/50 Makro Planar

    Pardon my multiple personality disorder, but I am going to withdraw this one from sale again. I tried to price it to sell, specifically to avoid having time to change my mind. Well it didn't sell fast, and as Guy said, it is a really nice lens .

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