1. Carl Zeiss S-Planar 25/1.6

This is a special copy lens. M39 thread mount (fixed aperture). Small lens. Very clean condition overall. Difficult to find.

Partial specs:

Optimized for 546nm
Image diameter 8mm
Magnification (optimal) 1/10x

Resolution (no typos!): 1,030 lp/mm

MTF (cycles/%): 250(45), 500 (25)

Price: 1,500 Euros(net) OBO plus shipping.

The UMN lens listed (http://forum.getdpi.com/forum/gear-f...5mm-f-2-a.html) is optimized for 1/4X with a resolution of > 500 lp/mm

2. Carl Zeiss S-Planar 74/4

Special copy lens for 1:1 high resolution copying. Image circle at 1X is more than adequate for 6x6cm. Aperture scales from f/8 to reflect the effective magnification at 1X.

Resolution: ~200 lp/mm

The sample is as good as it can be found anywhere. No adapters (can be found on eBay or custom made). Lens mount 30mm thread.

Price: 800 Euros(net) OBO plus shipping.

PM if there is any interest for more details.