Four lots of Color Film in 120 and 35mm. All stored in freezer from the time of buying until now. Am moving to Digital except for B W , as I can no longer get 120 C41 done locally.

1.Fuji Reala 35mm 36 Exposures
23 Rolls Expiration 2012/July.

2. Fuji Reala 35mm 24 Exposures
23 Rolls Expiration unknown, but bought fresh in the last 3 years

3. Kodak Ektar 100 ASA 35mm 36 Exposures
8 Rolls Expiration 2010/November.

4. Mixed lot 120 Color film
20 Rolls Expiration mixed dates

The prices include PayPal and shipping for CONUS
I have priced these to the best of my abilities.
No returns please; sold As-is.
BUT they have been kept frozen all along.

I have bought and sold plenty here, without any problems, and on EBay as Kerichokid.