on sale refurbished P45+ bought a year ago ( march 2011 with 144 actuations ), i didn't really use it, just made some test for my project but as it didn't happen i wanted to shoot it with the back, but as it has been delayed i prefer to sale the back now and see later !

normally i shoot landscapes, i went to Russia in 2010, i wanted to shoot orphans over there, my project was to go back and see to get authorizations, but it's very difficult to get access to orpahanges .

When i bought the back in 2011 i had the idea to get everything ready for fall 2011 but it didn't happen this way . Originally i wanted to shoot with film 4x5 . But my first trip over there told me, it would be difficult, so i thought about the digital back . that's the story why i bought the back, but i can't keep it now, even though the quality is great and equal the IQ models = ok, you'll tell me it's a previous model, but at 50/100 iso , the quality is there no difference , it's more about the ease of workflow with some additionnal features

The p45+ still helds its value, crop factor 1.1 can shoot sync flash up to 1/800 with df body and schneider lenses . Long exposure up to 1 hour = the ony one to have this option, that was the reason i got it = versatility

It suits people who shoots portraits, landscapes with a slow workflow, time to compose and set the lights correctly and so on . for fast shoots there are the dslr !

just to confirm : facebook public page, so you can see pictures made in Russia with an old but reliable minolta md 20mm, acros 100

Light on shadows | Facebook

the p45+ came from DDI, see the invoice ( price is in pounds ! ) . I'm asking 9000 euros ( = 12 000 usd ) + shipping cost & paypal fees . I'm based in Paris, France . I would prefer to sale it in Europe due to custom fees, but i can consider to ship it to US . What you see in the picture is what you'll get ! I'm 100% ebay seller

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the back has been tested by phase one at the conference in Paris in February 2012 where they exhbited the new IQ models

paypal account & address verified + it would be good to get the buyer on the phone too, as a measure of confidence and security

worth 22 000 usd at samys
Phase One | P45+ 39 MegaPixel Digital Camera Back for Hasselblad H Series - Value Added | 71363

thank you