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Thread: Rolleiflex Makro Planar GW690 Bay 3 Makina Filters Screen

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    Rolleiflex Makro Planar GW690 Bay 3 Makina Filters Screen

    This is my first time posting an ad here. I am RFF member and have bought/sold things at RFF.

    Price in CAD. Members pay actual shipping (plus packaging if any) and PayPal fee.
    All reasonable offers are considered. Pls contact me for more details if required.
    Pls note I tried my best to describe. if you have questions, pls ask. All sales are AS IS, no return.

    1. Rolleiflex 2.8C 80/2.8 Xenotar - $680
    Overall in very good shape, with only minor used marks here and there. Shutter works at all speeds, 1 and 1/2 sec
    might a bit slow as sounded. Self timer is sticky.
    A CLA would definitely be beneficial if you would like to use the self timer.
    The Schneider Xenotar is in decent shape with light scratches on front element as well as coating blemish, which is
    typical with Rolleiflexes at this age, be it with a Zeiss Planar or Schneider Xenotar . That said, the Xenotar still
    performs very well. Pls see Xenotar close ups and sample photos. This is the model that has 10 blades in the
    aperture. Comes with original mirror lens cap.
    Rolleiflex144 - a set on Flickr

    2. Rolleiflex 2.8C 80/2.8 Xenotar for Repair or Parts - $200
    Lots of used marks here and there. The flash terminal lock is missing. There appears (to me) to have a slight dent
    on the lower bottom right of the back but it does not affect operation of the camera. This is my impression as
    compare to my other Rolleiflexes. it may not be a dent. Shutter works at all speeds. Self timer is good.
    Now the problem: The Xenotar has light scratches on front element as well as heavy coating blemish, which has
    made it almost opaque. The rest parts of the lens is in good shape. The interesting thing is the Heidosmat does not
    has this problem. I have no idea why the Xenotar got into this condition. I have seen a few Rolleiflexes with the
    same damaged lens. The good thing is, there are no glass scratches or glass chipped off damage.
    It will be a good usable 2.8C if you have the front element polished and recoated.
    (Welcome to Focal Point - Lens Repair and Lens Cleaning)
    You can either use it for parts or have it repaired.
    Rolleiflex140 - a set on Flickr

    3. Fuji GW690II - $750
    This is in virtually mint condition with very little use. I think I only ran about 10 rolls on it after I got it many years ago
    The 90/3.5 EBC Fujinon is in pristine condition. Only a few dust particle inside.
    The only sign of use, 3 light scratches, is seen at the bottom around the tripod screw.
    The viewfinder/rangefinder of the GW690II is considered to be far better than the later 690III model.
    The II is also more solid than the more plastic III.
    Pls note that the shiny white line on the lens rim of the photo for the lens rear is reflection of the original black
    sealing paint, not scratches or service marks. I am the second owner. Shutter actuation count is 72. With 10 shutter
    actuation for each 120 roll (8 frames plus about 2 for initial or final winding), this means less than 70 rolls have been
    shot. Blank shorts are also fired to maintain the shutter occasionally.
    Comes with original strap and lens cap.
    GW690II - a set on Flickr

    4. Hasselblad Makro Planar 120mm/4 CF MINT - $1200
    Bought this lens brand new years ago and used very very little – Less than 20 rolls.
    Absolutely MINT. Comes with original box and packing
    MakroPlanar - a set on Flickr

    5. 2 Genuine Rollei leather strap for 2.8C and D - $25 each
    In good used condition, Very soft.
    Strap #1

    Strap #2 This one is mint SOLD

    6. Genuine Rollei leather strap for 2.8E and F - $40 SOLD
    This is the one with the Alligator clips. In very good used condition, Very soft.

    7. Rolleiflex 2.8C case. - $60
    Case in very good condition. Comes with original attached strap
    Rollei Case - a set on Flickr

    8. Rolleiflex 2.8C/D Bright Focusing Screen
    Custom made from Mamiya bright screens. Mint.
    - Plain with clear circle centre, with Rolleiflex type grid - $40
    - With Horizontal Split image at centre, with centre square grid - $80

    9. Rolleiflex 2.8F Split focusing screen - $10
    In used condition with marks and slight scratches. Pls see photo.

    10. Rolleiflex 35mm slide mask - $10
    In very good condition.

    11. Bay 3 Korean Workshop UV filter - $40
    This is the well known Bay 3 UV filter made by a Korean workshop.
    Bought new and never used because I bought other Bay 3 UV filters after it was bought.

    12. B+W MINT Bay 3 010 UV filter
    This is no longer being made by B+W. I bought these from the last batch and just keep 2 for myself.
    These were bought brand new and never used.
    The B+W Bay 3 filters are better than the original Rolleiflex filters – it has modern coating; it is double bayonet
    mount – female at front and male at the rear so you can attach another filter on it. And of course, well known
    B+W quality of optical glass and brass mount.

    I have 2 MRC and 2 SC (single coating)
    - Bay 3 UV 010M MRC - $85 each

    - Bay 3 UV 010 SC - $55 each

    13. 58mm Filter for Makina 67/670 Nikon 80/2.8 in mint condition
    - Hoya 58mm UV - $20

    - Osawa YG Yellow green 060 - $10

    I have excellent feedback at the major auction site. Reference is available upon request.

    Thank you
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    Re: Rolleiflex Makro Planar GW690 Bay 3 Makina Filters Screen

    12. B+W MINT Bay 3 010 UV filter
    - Bay 3 UV 010 SC - $55 each SOLD

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