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Thread: SOLD Summicron 90/2 M-mount

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    SOLD Summicron 90/2 M-mount

    Summicron 90/2 M-mount
    This is Type II, Leitz Canada version, with the built-in hood and a tripod mount. Glass is excellent, very clean, the body has wear on its paint on the protruding parts of the focus and aperture rings. Included are the original front and rear caps. Focusing is smooth and accurate.

    Asking $635 + shipping.

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    Summicron 50/2 M-mount collapsible
    The lens is in peculiar condition as its body and rear lens elements are in very good condition (clean body, smooth focusing and glass is very clean), but the front-most element has a lot of coating marks (or possibly haze?). I was planning to send it in for relacquering, but never got around to doing it. Caps included.

    Asking $300 + shipping - SOLD!

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    Lenses are located in Ann Arbor, MI and shipping to anywhere in the CONUS will be with USPS Priority, PM me for a quote, it should be $10-$15. I'm fine with international shipping, too, but that will be extra.
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    re: SOLD Summicron 90/2 M-mount

    Summicron 50 sold, 90 still available!

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    re: SOLD Summicron 90/2 M-mount

    All sold!

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