Bit of a flash to the past....doing some closet cleaning.

Have for sale a 12" PowerBook G4 laptop. Great little unit that was the executive Apple laptop of it's day. Works like a charm. Some cover blemishes and 1-2 wear spots in the cases finish, but purely cosmetic. Comes with power adapter and two batteries. One battery has the typical slight bend in the lip of it's aluminium shroud, but again just cosmetic. Screen clean w/no dead spots.

Cover's locking latch can be temperamental sometimes and CD drive works well, but can sometimes be reluctant to eject disks completely (not that anyone bothers with CDs any longer). No damaged or sticking keys, etc. Other than some cover blemishes, (see in requisite crappy iphone photos below) it's looks and works like a charm.

Note: Photos shows SL installed, but unit has since been wiped and restored to 2004 status with 10.3.4 from it's original install disks, but it can be upgraded to as late as Leopard 10.5.8. Will ship with original restore & recovery disks. Harddrive can be easily upgraded in size or to an IDE/ATA SSD and memory taken as high as 1GB from folks like OWC.

It's no video-editing machine, but a nice small unit for a writer, blogging, etc. The unit's been sitting in the back of my storage closet for some time as other computers have come and gone.

12" G4 Powerbook 6.4
Motorola G4 processor
768MB RAM (can be expanded aftermarket from OWC, etc)
60GB ATA Drive (can be expanded aftermarket)
OSX 10.3.4
CD read/write drive
Built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, wired modem

PLEASE be aware of specs of model BEFORE expressing interest.

Full model specs: PowerBook G4 1.33 12" (Al) Specs (12-Inch DVI, M9183LL/A*, PowerBook6,4, A1010, 1986) @

Price is $200 PP'd, buyer pays actual shipping based on CanadaPost online estimate. Payment by PP or if in Canada, EMT. Shipping by Canada Post normal post unless buyer chooses differently.

Items would trade in part for: Nikon 50/1.2 AiS, CV 90/3.5 APO (AiS), CV 180/4 APO AiS