I posted an ad here a while ago for a TLR, but my range has broadened within the past few days.

I'm looking for a user condition 6x6 TLR, it doesn't have to look pretty but it has to work (relatively distinct, maybe accurate speeds, no light leaks, film advances and winds smoothly, bright viewfinder). I've used a Rolleicord III with a hazy, fungusy lens, sticky speeds, and an incredibly dim finder before... I don't mind haze on the lens but I'd steer away from fungus, and a bright finder is a must (misfocusing shots because you can't see your subject is the worst!)

I've been looking at a few cameras, mostly Yashica Mat's (124G and LM pique my interest), though I'm starting to toy with the idea of owning and using a Mamiya c330... I'll consider any offer... I'm not really familiar with TLR's so it'll be fun to try anything new!

I'm mostly looking for a camera within the $1-200 range, shipped. Though, if a good deal on a C330 pops up for over that range, I'll definitely be willing to work something out!