Minolta Rokkor 100mm f/3.5 Macro Rokkor-X lens - A beautiful lens, both for portraits and macro. It will go to 1:2 macro by itself, or add the matched 1:1 converter from Minolta (not included) to get to 1:1 macro. Modern Photography raved about this lens back in the day, it was the best macro they had tested in this range at the time. It's superbly built with a very robust design. I was planning to convert to EOS but never got around to doing so, thus it's in the original Minolta MC/MD mount. It's in great shape, no flaws optically or mechanically. It's easily adapted to Sony or EOS. I would recommend Jim Buchanan as the best source for adapting Rokkors to EOS. This lens is in clean condition, and includes both caps and the original Minolta dedicated hood and a lens pouch. Asking $225