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Thread: WTT: 1958 M3

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    WTT: 1958 M3

    I am looking for an EX 1958 M3, price around $750, fully working, no ding no dents, clear viewfinder. Scratches OK but no abuse, no engraving unless looks really artistic.
    I have two just CLA'd 1955, 1956 DS M3, same condition for trade. I also have the following gears to trade or sell:
    1. Leica M 90/2.8 silver, mint, the newest version: $1800
    2. Leica M tele 90/2.8, the smallest one, $700
    3. Leica M 50/2 newest version, blk, Mint-, $1550
    4. Leica M screw mount 85/1.5 with hood, original case, $3000?
    5. Leica M2, mint, $900?
    6. Leica M6, mint, 0.72 black, $1300?
    7. Leica M4, mint, $1400
    8. Rigid II 50mm mint with hood, $1150
    9. Leica M5, black, mint-, 3 lugs, with original case, manual, strap, meter accurate
    10. Leica 35mm F2, 6 elements, coupled with the M5, $1500

    Need some money for darkroom now.

    As for the M3, if your SN is not 1958, then do not ask, I have ALL the other years.

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    Re: WTT: 1958 M3


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    Re: WTT: 1958 M3

    hi! can you send pictures of mint m2 and if theres m3 that you want to sell at filmguerillas [at] gmail dot com.

    thank you!

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