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Thread: FS: Zeiss 2.8/21mm Biogon ZM

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    FS: Zeiss 2.8/21mm Biogon ZM

    I bought this lens earlier this year only to find that I don't use it because I prefer to shoot around ~28mm. The lens is basically new, and looks like new, except for the 6-bit coding I added to the flange with a M-coder.

    Asking $1200 for it, and I am paying for Paypal fees and shipping to continental USA. Comes with box and papers. I don't have the optional hood.

    It is extremely sharp, see these samples I shot with it on the M9:

    Sample 1
    Sample 2

    The lens itself looks like this:

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    Re: FS: Zeiss 2.8/21mm Biogon ZM


    Price is negotiable to some degree. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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