Hi All,

First up:

I am selling a near mint copy of the classic, manual Zeiss 1.4/85 Planar with Leitax M42 reversible replacement mount and chipped James Lao M42/Alpha adapter. Includes the Contax Type 4 Metal Hood and 67/88 Ring (virtually new in appearance, with no signs of wear), original mount (fully reversible), B+W UV filter and a copy of the user guide.

Typically, the lens sells for around $750 alone. The hood and ring sell for minimum $50, up to $100 in new condition. The mount replacement is over $100 after shipping and the James Lao adapter is also $50 after shipping. For safety, the lens includes and has continually had on it while in my possession, a B+W F-Pro UV filter for protection - Additional $40 value. Hence I feel $825 obo is a fair price point.

The only detracting point to speak of is the surgical removal of 1 of the four screw heads for the mount. It was so tight from the factory (and being as small as they are) I had not choice but to dremel the head to remove the original mount. Do note that the mount is sound and solid as is. I am currently locating a Metric 1.7 screw locally to eliminate the issue - might be fixed by sale.


- note the top left screw, as above.

Sample shots from this lens:

Second up:

Second, my 'spare' copy of the Contax Zeiss 1.2/85 60 year Planar. I had sourced one out for myself after a couple of years of nosing about only to have another fall in my lap while waiting to receive the first in the post. I've been 'selling' it on eBay for almost a year, but after many ridiculously low-ball offers, attempted scams and a vanishing buyer I'm trying the forums again.

The lens itself was recently recalibrated by Zeiss to 2005 tolerances and includes the certificate of the work done. The sale includes:

- Contax Zeiss T*85/1.2 lens - Optically perfect, lens function and body as new, signs of light use on bayonet.
- Contax 80mm metal push on lens cap - As new.
- Contax leather lens bag - As new.
- Contax metal Type 4 hood - New in original box (includes 77-86 metal Contax step-up ring).
- Owners guide and documents pertaining to the 7-point inspection done by Zeiss in 2005.

I am asking to clear $4800 USD on this lens, in order to recoup my original purchase price. I have an original box as well I would include if desired for $100 (not sold seperately).


-shown here with original box, and again below

samples photos from my sister copy:

Local deals and pick-ups absolutely preferred, but shipping worldwide is perfectly welcome. I am willing to work with you to get you the lens(es) the most economical way possible and prefer to work payment via bank transfer. Paypal will cost me too much on this.

Any an all questions answered and reasonable offers considered.

Thanks for looking.

Kelly Sereda.