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Thread: FS: Leica R9 DMR kit

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    FS: Leica R9 DMR kit

    With much regret, I am selling my Leica R9/DMR kit. My asking price is $4,600 shipped (USA). I'll ship worldwide via Express Mail (EMS) at cost. Preferred payment is by check, but I can accept credit card payments via PayPal (+2.9%) or Google Checkout (+2%).

    Photos of the kit are here:

    What you see is what you get, namely:

    * R9 camera in the box w/ instructions (DMR center prism focus screen installed)
    * large eyecup w/ box
    * electric cable release w/ box
    * Digital Modul R in the box w/ charger, battery, firewire cable, and plastic thingy to switch out the film back
    * extra battery w/ box
    * uniform groundglass screen for the DMR w/ box
    * Kirk quick release plate for the DMR

    Camera and back work beautifully. I have been shooting with it for two years without any problems. There are a few cosmetic issues which are visible in the photos. The top of the camera has several scuffs and one little ding. There is paint loss along the front edge of the camera below the "LEICA" lettering. The white lettering for the "INFO" button is messed up.

    I am also selling a few lenses: 28-90 ROM, 100 Macro w/ Elpro, and 80-200 ROM. I haven't gotten around to taking photos and pricing yet.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking.


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    Re: FS: Leica R9 DMR kit

    I think that's a really fair price for this kit, considering a well known dealer in Monterey, CA has one for more than $2k more! Quite a deal!

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    Re: FS: Leica R9 DMR kit

    It is a nice deal. Best image maker still in 35mm. Loved my DMR files
    Photography is all about experimentation and without it you will never learn art.

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