I'm putting my VERY VERY VERY User grade Summitar up for sale because I've replaced it with an Elmar. I bought this Summitar for... much too much ($200) and used it with a lot of love... but I've gotten fed up with it and decided to replace it.

First, the good:
Glass is pretty clean... there seems to be a bit of haze and fungus starting on the sides, but I can't seem to find any affect on image quality. Tiny bits of dust and little bits of paint flakes (minuscule) are on the inside of the lens, but they don't affect images at all, at least not that I noticed.

The Bad...

Here's a quote from a message I sent to friend asking about this lens

First off... I don't think the lens is quite as bad as I might have described it... It seems to work sometimes, and other times it just throws a tantrum and you gotta send it for a time out. I think it has something to do with the collapsing and locking mechanism. I took the lens to Gerry Smith, a relatively well known repairman in Toronto. He looked at the lens and within 5 minutes, gave me a quick run-down on it. The collapsing tube has 3 tension pins on it, one of them was pried off. To compensate for the loss of tension, the pin that keeps the lens collapsing in one direction and in that specific position had to be tightened. Because of that, collapsing the lens is a little difficult and puts a lot of wear on it. The three pins also act as a locking mechanism that keeps the lens in the shooting position. The lack of a third pin makes it easy to turn the glass out of proper focusing position, so even if your rangefinder is alligned, the glass isnt. Gerry said that if you don't collapse it, the lens should serve you for a long time ("it's got more time than me" he said).

To recap... The man who owned the lens before fiddled with it and broke part of the collapsing and locking mechanism, making the lens hard to collapse and makes it easy to turn it out of shooting (and in-focus) position. The glass itself produces nice in-focus images given that you keep it in shooting position (fully turned counter clockwise when extended).

I've been looking for two things as of late... a telephoto lens and point and shoot film cameras with fast wide lenses. I wouldn't mind trading this lens for a similar condition 90/4 elmar or Canon 135/3.5. I also wouldn't mind trading it for the right film point and shoot cameras... Olympus Mju/Infinity Stylus, Nikon Lite Touch 28, cameras like that!

A cash deal would be okay as well. $75 shipped to North America, but am open to offers if you feel the price is not fair

Photos of the Lens, can take better photos upon request.

Sample photos taken with the lens from the past two months