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Thread: Huge lot of equipment - Pentax K, Leica M, LTM, Zeiss, C-mounts, Leica R, rarities

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    Huge lot of equipment - Pentax K, Leica M, LTM, Zeiss, C-mounts, Leica R, rarities

    Great gear here but need to clear out due to upcoming expenses. Check my feedback on Pentax Forums (same nic) and on ebay I am 4blackriders with 356 perfect feedback.

    Where I say Excellent I mean the item is gently used with no damage to optics and no mechanical issues, Excellent+ means no obvious marks, just small signs of very gentle use, and of course no damage to the optics or mechanics. Pics will hopefully give more detail. All prices are in $AUS and include insured registered postage and paypal fees.

    For those who like to do it quick, just send the payment to Esther.Blaser "at" and shoot me a quick message as well as post in the thread, so that I won't have to do any refunds and no disappointments. Let's see if that works!


    1. Pentax ring flash AF160FC - as new, complete in case - $480 (Australia), $540 (worldwide)
    2. Pentax DA 12-24mm with caps and hood, Excellent - $720 (Australia), $750 (worldwide)
    3. Pentax K 15/3.5 with some fine scratches on an element adjacent to the built-in filter (repaired) but no effect on image quality that I can tell, otherwise excellent+ condition with caps and case - bargain $550 (Australia), $600 (worldwide)
    4. Pentax FA* 28-70mm f2.8, brilliant optical quality, blows DA*16-50/2.8 away, powerzoom not working, comes with caps and hood, hood has rectangle cut out (probably for changing filters), optics are great, zooms by hand with no problems - bargain for this fantastic lens - $800 (Australia), $850 (worldwide)
    5. Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8, famous concave front element, rare lens, great colours and bokeh in a small package, converted to M42, Excellent+ $530 (Australia), $560 (worldwide)
    6. Pentax K 50/1.2 - Excellent+ $470 (Australia), $520 (worldwide)
    7. Pentax F 50mm f2.8 macro with a few very small rub marks on front element, no effect on image quality - bargain - $330 (Australia), $360 (worldwide)
    8. Pentax FA* 85mm f1.4 with jammed focus, impact looks minor and optics fine, takes great pictures at ~ 1.4m, bargain for one of Pentax finest - $750 (Australia), $780 (worldwide)
    9. Voigtlander APO-Macro-Lanthar 125mm f2.5, best macro lens for the K-mount hands down, complete in box with hood, a mark on aperture ring, otherwise Excellent+ - $2150 (Australia) $2200 (Worldwide)
    10. Pentax K 135mm f2.5, a real sleeper, great colours and rendition, poor man's A*135/1.8, Excellent+ $250 (Australia), $275 (worldwide)
    11. Titan 135mm f1.8 super-rare, sharp ultra-fast preset lens, with trip collar, very big and heavy, in T2 mount with attached adapter ring to K-mount, sits wells on the K-5, Excellent+ $520 (Australia), $580 (worldwide)
    12. Sigma AF 300mm f2.8 EX for Pentax with hood, caps and case, brilliant telephoto, sharp and contrasty, with smoothest bokeh, small and hand-holdable, Excellent+ $2080 (Australia), 2150 (worldwide), also matching Sigma 1.4x APO extender $210 (Australia), $230 (worldwide)
    13. Pentax LX, recently serviced for sticky mirror, great camera in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition, $320 (australia), $350 (worldwide)
    14. Pentax MZ-5n, Excellent, $60 (australia)
    15. Pentax K1000 (x2), look good, with original leather cases- not tested - $100 with returns accepted within 10 days (local sale only)

    Other mounts:

    1. Sony NEX-5n with box and all accessories, screen has rub marks visible when switched off, no effect on operation, spare battery, works fine with no issues, $430 (australia), $455 (worldwide)
    2. Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 LTM silver, with caps, Excellent, $460 (australia), $485 (worldwide)
    3. Sony Zeiss 16-80mm f3.5-4.5 for Alpha mount, superb colours, as new, complete with pouch and box, $675 (australia), $710 (worldwide)
    4. Zeiss 21mm f2.8 ZM, black, as new, complete in box with optional hood, $1370 (australia), $1400 (worldwide), viewfinder extra.
    5. Zeiss 21mm f4.5 ZM, black, as new, complete in box with optional hood, $1100 (australia), $1150 (worldwide).
    6. Som Berthiot Cinor 25mm f0.95 in C-mount, great for Micro-Four Thirds, tiny and sharp wide open and extremely rare, front and rear caps, some coating loss on one of the rear elements, otherwise Excellent $1050 (australia), $1080 (worldwide).
    7. Kern Macro-Switar 26mm f1.1 in C-mount, perfect for Pentax Q, super-sharp and contrasty, brilliant colours and bokeh, with caps, hood and pouch, Excellent+, $1050 (australia), $1100 (worldwide).
    8. MS Optical Super Triplet Perar, 35mm f3.5, smallest lens in M-mount, sharp with gorgeous colours and bokeh, excellent except a tiny dot-sized coating mark on the rear element, $660 (australia), $700 (worldwide).
    9. Minolta M-Rokkor 45mm f2 for Leica M-mount, a very sharp pancake, excellent, $450 (australia), $480 (worldwide)
    10. Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM, black, brilliant lens (keeping another copy), with caps, hood (viewfinder extra), box, Excellent+ $1030 (australia), $1080 (worldwide)
    11. Canon 50mm f1.2 in LTM mount, lovely signature, artistic lens, with caps, hood, box, $560 (Australia), $585 (worldwide)
    12. Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm f0.95 in C-mount, minimal vignetting on the NEX wide open, amazing contrast and sharpness wide open, schneideritis on one of the rear elements, no effect on image quality, very slight looseness in focusing ring, otherwise Excellent $1600 (australia), $1670 (worldwide)
    13. Soligor 75mm f1.9 in C-mount, very rare sharp lens, perfect for NEX, Excellent, $300 (australia), $340 (worldwide)
    14. Leica Elmar 9cm collapsible with front cap, in M-mount, Excellent, $400 (australia), $430 (worldwide)
    15. Leica APO-Telyt 280mm f4, as new, complete with caps, case and box, best telephoto out there in any mount, $4250 (australia), $4380 (worldwide), matching APO 1.4x Extender $460 (australia), $485 (worldwide).
    16. Adapters - shipping included for australia, for worldwide add $10:

    Novoflex M42-NEX $180
    Novoflex Pentax K-NEX $180
    Kipon Contax/Yashica - NEX $60
    Fotodiox Nikon(S) - NEX $40
    Fotodiox Nikon -NEX $40
    Novoflex Leica R - NEX $180
    Novoflex Leica R - Canon EOS $150
    Fotodiox Leica M39 (Leica Screw Mount) -NEX $45
    Fotodiox DKL -NEX $60
    Voigtlander M39 (LTM) to Leica M adapter - $55

    Pick-up is of course ideal and can be arranged (I am in Melbourne).
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    Re: Huge lot of equipment - Pentax K, Leica M, LTM, Zeiss, C-mounts, Leica R, raritie

    PM sent

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