I'm selling away my set of BAY I accessories as I'm on BAY III recently.

Most in the set are Original Rolleiflex accessories dating back to the 50s or 60s. The Teleconvertor is of Japanese origin but produces not too bad images. All items are in good and working condition.

Rolleinars allow close focusing on the BAY I TLR cameras, not restricted to Rolleiflex but others such as Minolta, Yashica, etc. Included in a set the close up filter for the taking lens together with a parallex correction lens for the viewing lens.

Asking $340 for the set.

Items included

1) Original Rolleiflex BAY I Hood with leather pouch
2) Original Rolleiflex BAY I Rolleinar 1 with plastic case
3) Original Rolleiflex BAY I Rolleinar 2 with plastic case
4) Original Rolleiflex BAY I Rolleinar 3 with leather pouch
5) Japanese BAY I Tele converter 1.5x for 6x6 with cap and leather case

Looking at 340 USD net to me, shipped worldwide.